Conde Nast Says Use A Travel Agent

Condé Nast Says ‘Use A Travel Agent

Thank you Condé Nast Traveler for your support and such great on-air coverage about the value-added services of travel specialists/agents today. We live and breath travel!

What Is a Travel Specialist, Anyway?  ‘Travel agents—they do, in fact, still exist: living, breathing trip planners who can help you find the best hotel for your honeymoon, the right family safari, or just a great place to vacation when time and inspiration are lacking. The best can even get you a room upgrade or a credit for dinner. What’s the difference, though, between a travel agent and a travel specialist? The secret’s in the “special,” of course: someone with in-depth knowledge of a city, region, or style of travel. A cruise guru. A Caribbean savant. An expert in the ever-changing rules of Cuba travel. But how do you find the right one? How do you know what to ask, or expect? This week, we explain what these mysterious beasts really are, when you should call one for help, and how to find someone who won’t have you chasing an umbrella across the piazza.’