Exclusive Travel, Events and Concierge Services

Laugh Live Travel (“LLT”) & Laugh Love Events (“LLE”) is an exclusive travel, events and concierge company. LLT & LLE is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our distinguished clientele. Rosemary has over 15 years of professional experience in travel mostly luxury, event planning and concierge services at the corporate level, as well as individual luxury lifestyle-management services for personal clients around the globe.

Rosemary’s clients enjoy her outstanding exclusive services, organization skills, creativity and passion to fulfill their needs. Rosemary is best known for her negotiating skills when planning her clients’ travel and events itinerary, and even sourcing the best seats of a Broadway show when her concierge services are required. Rosemary’s magnetic personality, contagious smile and calm demeanor soothe her clients during frustrating moments, and her respect for her client’s privacy have established her as a successful and consummate professional in her field.

Rosemary’s experience in the industry includes management of some of the most successful events at top venues in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, Williams Island, and New York City. She has also provided travel and concierge services to some of the hippest destinations worldwide including Aruba, Bahamas, Colombia, French Polynesia, Hawaii, London, New Zealand, Mexico, Paris, Peru, Rome, Spain, St. John, and Turkey – just to name a few.

Based in Southern California, LLT & LLE are committed to providing quality and exclusive service to their clients. Rosemary and team are available as your exclusive travel advisors and event planners for any type of travel request and/or event, ensuring that you will receive the same level of exceptional service wherever you may be.