Keysha Headshots IV sAfter a decade in Asia, Keysha settled in Los Angeles and joined the Laugh Live Travel (“LLT”) and Laugh Love Events (“LLE”) team in September 2014 bringing her passion for that region with her. As a Japanese translator she’s worked in the travel industry since the early 2000s and wants to introduce our clients to the wonders and fascinations of Japan and Korea. Both countries, though geographically close, have very distinct cultural differences and Keysha will joyfully support those that want to explore all those distinctions. Whether you want to experience firsthand the hot spring culture of the Japanese onsen and the Korean jimjilbang, the sounds and history of the Japanese drum taiko to the Korean drum janggu, or a taste comparison of Japanese sake with Korean soju, her expertise will cater the perfect travel for you.

Keysha’s international event management experience started in Japan as an artist booker/promoter for musicians and photographers. Her network of venues and artists expanded to include Korea, Taiwan and now Los Angeles. Keysha is a seasoned corporate events manager and well-versed in the intricacies of political events. But for those that know her, her heart lies in supporting non-profits and youth-focused programs and events. She has designed trainings and youth festivals in multiple countries for youth-centered NPOs and works to support UN Women initiatives, education and girls groups around the globe.

Prior to her time in Los Angeles and Asia, Keysha built a foundation in community service. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in International Public Health from Clark Atlanta University. Keysha passion for volunteer work awarded her the recipient of Ford’s Volunteer of the Year Award recommended by the organizations that she closely supported.

In her “spare time” Keysha likes to indulge in travel, the creative arts of dance, music and acting along with sports and finds a way to incorporate these indulgences into her work every moment she gets. Her love for dance took her to Egypt to study oriental dance and Arabic and her flare for sports took her to Thailand to study kickboxing and yoga. For the client with too many passions to just choose one, Keysha is the right fit for you.

Shana joined Laugh Live Travel (“LLT”) and Laugh Love Events (“LLE”) in July 2013 as a Luxury Travel Consultant. Shana experienced and learned the true value of travel the first time when she left the United States and watched the sun set on a different part of the world. With passion for travel, Shana quickly excelled and became a Walt Disney Parks & Resorts expert to include luxury hotels such as Aulani in Hawaii and Grand Californian to Disney Cruises and the exclusive Club 33.

Interested in a VIP tour of the Disney Parks? Shana is your advisor who can accommodate that after all, Euro Disney in Paris is one of her favorites. Shana’s expertise brings your Disney vacation to life and will ensure it is extra magical – just ask.

In addition to luxury travel, Shana’s experience in Sales, Marketing and Account Management flourished as she provided corporate travel and events services for companies such as Bliss Vacation Concierge, Hisco, Global SMT Magazine and Bliss Industries, to name a few. Shana held a position at the high-end Trudys Bridal in Silicon Valley where her diverse skills led her to also plan and manage social events to include lavish weddings and honeymoons.

Shana’s professional but friendly personality, along with her diverse skills, unique ideas and keen eye for selecting the best destinations come together to provide exceptional concierge service to her clients.

Whether it’s a corporate or leisure setting, Shana’s goal is to provide “the best service” by giving you direct and continuous support to insure an unforgettable experience that goes beyond your expectations.